Opening a hair and beauty salon requires deliberate reflection and well-planned activities, to make your beauty salon not only aesthetically attractive, but also able to meet the diverse demands of customers. Below, we have selected the essential elements for your beauty salon, large or small.

1 . Hairdressing chairs are the first and most important requirement of any beauty salon. When buying these chairs, it must be kept in mind that they must be of a proportional size and great design for the perspective (space) of your establishment, comfortable for customers, easy to work with the team and adjustable according to the requirement of work. For more in-depth ideas about salon chair, visit here.

2 . Next is the requirement for washbasins , where customers can have quick hair washing. Give preference to washbasins that come with the chair attached, however, you can have a space in the salon just to wash your hair.

3. Waiting area for customers must be well furnished, clean and comfortable. It can be a factor in increasing your salon's reputation, thereby increasing its market value.

4. The reception desk has to be super functional for the receptionist to receive customers efficiently, make appointments and provide guidance and support.

5. Credit card machine . It is important that you facilitate payment to your customers by offering several options. There are several companies on the market that provide this service. Do a search at the best costX benefit for you.

6. Well-furnished cabinets and drawers for placing hair products and other salon equipment, such as towels, will be required. If these are presented in an organized manner, customers will have a very good impression of your beauty salon. You may need a separate space for displaying hair products for sale.

7. Hair dryers are important for customers to get their hair dry and styled after cutting. This is an essential hairdressing equipment.

8. Utensils for transporting utensils for employees will increase the efficiency of their work in addition to improving the overall impression of the salon.

9. Comfortable and adjustable treatment sofas will allow your customers to relax optimally while they experience one of your aesthetic sessions. Today, you have a wide variety of aesthetic chairs to choose from. A good idea is to test before you buy them in bulk for your salon.

10. For manicures, nail stations will be important to store, cutters, pliers, nail files, nail polish, hand creams and other utensils. In addition, they also provide the necessary light arrangements for manicurists.

11. In addition to the waiting area for your customers, you may require additional chairs for your employees to work and relax during breaks.